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“Our make your vision a success!

Rise Up! Productions began in response to  needed support in our Activist Community of the Pacific Northwest. In 1993 our company formed, pairing a passion for social and environmental justice with a burgeoning business.

Seeing the need to improve local live events with the intention of clearly hearing the messages of activists, speakers and performers, Rise Up Productions was founded. Together long time comrades Bob Barnes and Scott Reed started championing the community with nothing but an old pick up truck and a couple of speakers.

Rise Up! has since produced hundreds of events ranging from packed stadiums for presidential candidates to multi-day festivals and conferences. Nothing is too big or too small for our team. 

We are a dynamic family business based in Seattle, Washington. Our core values have been historically centered around equity, inclusivity and diversity. We practice Conscious Commerce which informs every aspect of our business from our hiring practices to vendor collaboration. 

All employees are members of IATSE Local 15  which guarantees a living wage and full benefits. 

In keeping with our commitment to environmental justice we have added a solar generator to our fleet which allows for a clean energy source while on site. 

*Please ask about our Covid-19 safety measures to keep all events science based and community friendly.*




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